STOP THE RODENT™ is a NON-LETHAL Spray that is applied under your hood to keep rodents from chewing up your vehicle's expensive electrical wiring, harness, and other crucial components.

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When rodents find your car, they leave behind a trail of destruction. Check engine lights, ABS, and Air Bag lights coming on are just a few problems you could find due to chewed wiring under your hood. As you might already know, it is never a simple fix when it comes to these pesky little critters. The damage caused can compromise the reliability and safety of your vehicle. These types of vehicle repairs can cost thousands of dollars. STOP THE RODENT will prevent rodent damage to your vehicle.

To protect your vehicle, spray STOP THE RODENT to every component under the hood of your vehicle including harnesses, hoses, connectors, modules, rubber sealers, cabin entrance areas and anywhere that could be attacked by rodents.

STOP THE RODENT is non-lethal, non-corrosive, and easy to apply. STOP THE RODENT'S™ formula uses highly concentrated peppers in a formula designed specifically for application to automotive wiring and hoses. Our formula is so concentrated that it can only be applied in well ventilated areas, but with this many degrees of heat you will have no more trouble from pesky rodents.